Friday, 7 December 2012

P&F Alphabet

My kids and I have made something of a tradition of watching Phineas & Ferb every Saturday morning, so I created this piece for them. Have fun guessing who is who:

Prints, T-shirts, iPhone cases and pillows (!) are available through Society6 and Redbubble.

Depicted are: Agent P, Buford, Candace, Doofenshmirtz, Eliza, Ferb, Gretchen, Holly, Isabella, Jeremy, Katie, Lawrence and Linda, Major Monogram, Norm, Bridgette Oshinomi, Phineas, Queen of England, Reginald, Stacy, Baljeet Tjinder, Uncle Sabu, Vanessa, Winifred, Xavier, Yeti, Gertrude Zupermühltienatör