Monday 16 June 2014

Princess Alphabet - Updated

Frozen hadn't overtaken the princess landscape when I prepared my first Princess Alphabet, but I felt that this warranted a rare update to one of my original designs:

Good luck guessing who is who. You'll need to consider movies, TV, comic books and video games. I'll give you one: Q is Qing Dynasty Princess.

EDIT: Depicted are Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Cinderella, Dot (A Bug's Life), Elsa (Frozen), Fiona (Shrek), Galadriel (Lord of the Rings), Hot Dog Princess (Adventure Time), Irene (The Princess and the Goblin), Jasmine (Aladdin), Kida (Atlantis: The Lost Empire), Leia (Star Wars), Merida (Brave), Namora (Marvel), Odette (The Swan Princess), Peach (Super Mario), Qing Dynasty Princess, Rapunzel (Tangled), Snow White, Tiana (The Princess and the Frog), Usagi (Sailor Moon), Vanellope (Wreck-It-Ralph), Wonder Woman, Xena Warrior Princess, Yum-Yum (The Thief and the Cobbler), Zelda (Legend of Zelda)